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Personalized Services

For almost a century, the traditional funeral services has consisted of families honoring and memorializing the life of a loved one with a visitation at a funeral home, followed by religious-based memorial service at a funeral home chapel or religious sanctuary, then a graveside service.

Today, as a result of lifestyle changes and new expectations about funerals setting in, people are putting greater emphasis on personalizing the memorial service so it becomes a celebration of their loved one's life instead of a sad occasion. As a result of technological advances, funeral directors are now even able to help families and friends tell the story of their loved one via the computer, Internet and television.

Some examples of personalization include:

These are just a few examples of ways in which families across the United States have personalized the funeral service of their loved one.

Share the stories about your loved one, and Knox Funeral Home will assist you in making the funeral service creative, unforgettable and meaningful.


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